Pushing the Boundaries of Design Technology in Medical Communications

Elia Marcacci, BA

June 2019

Elia came to MedComms Experts with a general background in science and a career in video production. As a Medical Illustrator in Creative Services, Elia helps create the visual components of the deliverables that have established MedComms Experts as an innovator in medical communications.

Q: What does a Medical Illustrator do at MedComms Experts?

The Creative Services team consists of talented illustrators and graphic designers responsible for the visual material produced by the agency. We create medical illustrations, layouts, animations, icons, charts, infographics, and videos—anything that helps to get the important points across.


Q: What’s your favorite project?

I have been working on animated publication summaries in recent months—short videos that summarize a publication or clinical trial. We also work on mechanism-of-action videos, which explain how a drug works and how the body reacts to it. These animations are educational and engaging. We are able to condense a great deal of information into a two-minute video.


Q: What stands out about working at MedComms Experts?

The different skills and cultures. This diversity allows us to produce a broad range of high-quality content for our clients. Colleagues with different backgrounds and responsibilities sit next to each other and combine their expertise to create the best possible result.


Q: Final thoughts?

MedComms Experts is a multi-skilled and multicultural company. Exposed to this wealth of knowledge and different points of view, you can learn a tremendous amount about innovative medical communications. Because of our drive for innovation, every project is a learning project.