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Nathalie Preiswerk, PhD

June 2019

Nathalie is a Medical Director at MedComms Experts, the first and only in that role so far. She works in the Zurich office developing scientific and medical content while also overseeing the systems and processes that deliver content on time and with the highest quality. Nathalie took time from a busy day of meetings and content work to talk about what she loves about MedComms Experts.

Q: What is new at MedComms Experts?

Our newest offerings are animated publication summaries (APSs). They’re the brainchild of Wesley, our CEO. The animations are short—one to two minutes—and tell a story to help readers visualize the data-heavy content. We’ve been delivering APSs left, right, and center, and they’re fun to produce. I was writing a script for one today. It’s mostly about finding analogies and imagining engaging graphics that get across the article’s essence.


Q: Can you say more about the agency’s growth?

We are a growing company in every possible way. We are a work in progress. We are always trying new processes, new ways to communicate, new projects. Innovation is encouraged at all levels.


Q: What do you say to people who want to work for Is the agency for everybody?

MedComms Experts is for you if you like work that’s fast-moving and never boring, work from which you never stop learning. You never find your comfort zone because you’re always doing new things you never thought possible.


Good candidates must be intrinsically motivated. By that I mean they must like the job for what the job is, for what they can learn on their own, for the internal rewards of doing the job well. Lone wolves need not apply. You have to work well as part of a team—for quality control, no project is done by any one person. We look for people who are rigorous and careful with their science, but also personable.


Q: You mentioned travelling. Do you get to travel?

If you’re on the scientific team, you do get to travel, at least once or twice a year. Last year I had a blast! In June I was in Lisbon for a congress, and then in July went to Berlin, then Madrid, with my travels ending in Budapest in October. In the past six months, others have gone to Vietnam, China, India, and Dubai.

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