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A new kind of training solution – ready for any situation

Takeda required a new learning strategy to get their Medical Affairs teams up to speed for the global launch of their new drug, Maribavir, an antiviral medication for post-transplant cytomegalovirus. The Covid-19 situation meant that, for the time being, traditional face-to-face training was off the table. As a result, an innovative new training approach was required…

The right partner

Despite the global pandemic, Takeda wanted to provide their teams with a full suite of training materials with multi-use flexibility for a range of learning situations.

Takeda needed a multidisciplinary team of medical communications experts that could deliver an innovative training solution with rigorous scientific expertise and creativity. That’s why they chose MedComms Experts.

“As we were in the middle of a pandemic, we couldn’t offer traditional in-person training sessions. We wanted training materials that could be used virtually. However, with an eye on future use, we also wanted the flexibility to use the materials in other settings, such as face-to-face training and self-learning situations.

“We chose MedComms Experts as their medical experts really understood the topic. They also have the creative capabilities to execute all the components needed for a complete set of training materials.”

Roberto Mutis, M.D.

Global Director Medical Affairs & Scientific Training Lead, Takeda

Introducing FaST Decks

MedComms Experts suggested its unique Facilitated Storytelling (FaST) Deck concept – an innovative digital tool that can be used to create engaging, user-friendly training materials in a highly visual and simplified way.

The training content is built through modern web-like navigation techniques, combined with medical illustrations, tailored content and advanced transitions on Microsoft PowerPoint. The result is captivating storytelling, rich, multimedia content and an immersive learning experience – all on a convenient file type.

“Ideally, we wanted interactive training, common in eLearning, but without the need to deploy new software across the global organization. We also wanted a full solution delivered on a common file type that could be easily shared with the regions and affiliates, and customized, adapted and translated as required. The FaST Deck solution from MedComms Experts offered an innovative visual and interactive approach – all on a PowerPoint file. A smart solution that was perfect for our needs…”

Roberto Mutis, M.D.

Global Director Medical Affairs & Scientific Training Lead, Takeda

The Maribavir Master Training Program

MedComms Experts used the FaST Deck format to develop the six-module Maribavir Master Training Program. All learning materials were disseminated into digestible chapters for the team to learn from, either by self-learning or in groups, and included a wide range of resources, including infographics, video, and activities to consolidate knowledge.

The program provides an interactive environment, enabling participants to navigate through the information easily and intuitively. The final module was specifically developed to help participants apply their knowledge in conversations with HCPs.

Finally, guides were created for moderators and participants to provide preparatory information and checklists to ensure successful training sessions.

“MedComms Experts adapted the input from our medical communications team to optimize and simplify the information for easy learning. They also created activities and self-assessment games – excellent ideas and well executed.

“Plus, their project management expertise ensured smooth delivery and navigation of the complex the MedReg approval process. MedComms Experts submitted every component of the training materials separately, with annotations to support claims and validate references, to ensure successful approval.”

Roberto Mutis, M.D.

Global Director Medical Affairs & Scientific Training Lead, Takeda

A new standard in medical training

The Maribavir Master Training Program enabled Takeda to provide their Medical Affairs team with a complete learning experience. The solution also offered the added value of increased flexibility of use, and major cost and logistics reductions compared to traditional training. As a result, their teams across the globe were able to participate in training – whether organized virtual sessions or self-study – from the convenience of their homes during the pandemic. In addition, the program can now be used in face-to-face training sessions without the need for adaptation.

“The beauty of the Maribavir Master Training Program is that it combines all the different training elements into one interactive slide deck that can be used in virtual, face-to-face or self-study environments.

The Maribavir Master Program is easy to use and navigate, with beautiful visuals and interactive features that everyone loves using. The feedback has been very positive due to its simplicity and the fact that it helps aid knowledge retention.

Even though we found ourselves forced into conducting virtual training due to the global pandemic, there are a number of benefits to the approach. Now we’ve started down the path of virtual and self-learning, the time and cost reduction, and logistic simplicity (no travel, no accommodation, no venues, etc.) make the approach very appealing. Everything is included in the FaST Deck. I think it will set the standard for medical training in the coming years.”

Roberto Mutis, M.D.

Global Director Medical Affairs & Scientific Training Lead, Takeda

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