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Educate, Inform & Inspire.

We take the time to explore your long-term strategy, understand the bigger picture and offer you the support and guidance to help you achieve your goals. We then bring together the right balance of scientific and creative talent to execute your project, managing the process from conception to delivery.

Transformational medical communications.

We help you transform complex medical information into easy‑to‑understand, practical insights. Improve real‑world medical decision making and engage HCPs with content they find both convenient and genuinely valuable.

Strategic support

From strategy to implementation.

Develop a strong foundation for communicating the unique medical value proposition of your drug.

Our strategic support helps you achieve elevated scientific exchange with your key opinion leaders.

Strategic support

Medical Affairs expertise.

Our experienced multidisciplinary team of medical communications professionals offers extensive Medical Affairs expertise across a range of focus therapy areas. We understand your challenges and speak your language. Which means you gain a proactive medical communications partner that supports you at every step. From exploring the most effective scientific communication platforms and developing medical communications plans to launch support.

Strategic support

Nimble, agile and ready to hit the ground running.

We pre‑empt roadblocks to ensure an effective launch and strategically timed dissemination of information for maximum impact.

Medical writing

We know the science & how to communicate it.

Our PhD-level medical writers combine two vital skills: scientific expertise and crystal-clear communication.

Medical writing

Complexity. Made simple.

Whatever you need – from manuscripts, systematic literature reviews and presentations to articles, letters, reports, abstracts, conference materials and patient education – we make complex medical and scientific information simple. Engaging. Inspiring. So you can inform and captivate healthcare professionals, patients and consumers with best-in-class materials.

Scientific visualization

Visualizing complex ideas. Beautifully.

Generate excitement and interactivity with stand-out visual content that engages minds and captures hearts. With in‑depth expertise in scientific illustration and knowledge visualization, our illustrators and animators turn your scientific concepts into beautifully realized visual content that is clear, accurate and easy to understand.

Scientific visualization

Let’s be clear.

With our unique multi-disciplinary approach, scientists and creatives collaborate to ensure scientific accuracy and transform complex information into innovative content – visualizing mechanism of action through stunning infographics and educational animations. All informed by strong storytelling principles. So, whatever you need to communicate, however complex, we ensure your audience understands.

Medical education

Outstanding content & resources. For external & internal education.

Increase knowledge retention, ensure understanding and drive behavior change with educational content that healthcare professionals find convenient, engaging and genuinely valuable.

Medical education

In-depth medical expertise. Applied to effective education.

With in-depth expertise in medical education, we understand that HCPs are busy. And we know how they prefer to learn. As a result, you benefit from educational resources that consider the best didactical approach, adult learning principles and effective instructional design.

Research, research, research.

First, we research how your audiences learn, where and when we can reach them, their learning needs and identify the drivers of real behavior change. We analyze knowledge gaps, set learning objectives and define target outcomes. Then, we create.

Medical education

By scientists. For scientists.

We are scientists that create training materials for scientists. As trained medical illustrators, even our creatives bring scientific acumen. So, you benefit from clear concise written content, stunning design and maximum visualization of complex scientific information for better outcomes.

Every step. Done.

Our full medical education service takes care of every aspect – from content development to online or offline implementation and delivery.

Medical meeting support

Take your event to the next level.

Whether it’s an advisory board, satellite symposium, meeting or webinar, we provide the resources, talent and expertise to increase the impact of your scientific program.

Medical meeting support

We know the science. Inside out.

We don’t simply execute your project. We push you to think further, crystallizing your short-term objectives for long-term outcomes. From the start, our scientists put their specific subject matter expertise to work, providing strategic- level involvement. That means a laser-focus on delivering insights. Clear objectives and actionable outcomes. Interconnectivity between initiatives to strengthen the synergies between projects. And more engaging discussion formats and interactivity.

Evidence dissemination

Show the medical community your evidence.

Communicate your scientific evidence to the HCP community and meet critical deadlines. We help you achieve versatile evidence dissemination to increase awareness with innovative and creative approaches to increase impact.

Evidence dissemination

Accurate. Compliant. Eye‑catching.

From publication planning to scientific posters and manuscripts – we take care of every aspect of developing eye-catching publications that are rigorous, accurate, and adhere to principles and guidelines, such as the Good Publication Practice. Then we go further, implementing effective techniques, such as infographics, animated publication summaries and scrollables, to increase reach. All backed by our efficient project management and communications approach, delivering a seamless experience and effective dissemination of your evidence.

Compliance management

Compliant projects – from initiation to implementation.

Get essential compliance guidance on the feasibility of your innovative projects. Experienced medical communications experts – for content you can feel confident about.

Compliance management

Time is of the essence.

When it comes to the Commercial Medical and Legal Review (CMLR), our extensive experience has you covered. Best of all, we don’t need to be trained on content review platforms – we’re ready to hit the ground running. Which saves you the precious time and effort that onboarding requires. With expertise in all major content review platforms – including Veeva and DataVision – we can think inside the compliance box without sacrificing creativity. Plus, our proven Quality Control process means your project runs smoothly. Enjoy innovative solutions while operating within compliance boundaries.