Equip MSLs To Tell Compelling, Data-Driven Scientific Stories 

MedComms Experts can help your team of Medical Science Liaisons craft dynamic scientific stories that engage and educate — while also collecting crucial insights. 

Go Beyond the Data To Tell Scientific Stories That Engage and Educate

The MSLs in your organization are responsible for nurturing robust connections with KOLs and engaging in scientific exchanges in the field. And the quality of those connections begins with the quality of the scientific information your MSLs share with them.  

But effectively engaging KOLs and HCPs is about more than presenting the right data. To make a real impact, Medical Science Liaisons in the field need to tell the right stories. That means dry presentation decks — even those filled with the most cutting-edge science — won’t cut it. 

Foster Stronger Connections With KOLs and HCPs

People inherently respond to and remember captivating stories, and KOLs and HCPs are no exception. 

MedComms Experts works with you to: 

  • Train your team of MSLs in the art of compelling storytelling. 
  • Develop engaging, data-driven stories and package them in beautifully produced slide decks that allow MSLs to lead with the most engaging narratives. 
  • Systematically gather data-rich insights that map to your top priorities.
  • Ask incisive questions using our proprietary SPICE framework to ignite meaningful dialogue and spark energetic, two-way conversations.

"As a result, we’re adopting the FaST Deck format across the organization. It has really improved our interactions with HCPs."

Associate Director, Medical Information, Janssen

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Empowering MSLs with an impactful scientific storytelling tool

The FaST deck format is very effective in the field. Our MSLs really like it, finding it to be a more professional content tool – more visually appealing and easy to navigate.

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