Transform Your Online Educational Platform Into An Effective Tool for Your Communications Strategy

MedComms Experts creates impactful strategies that turn educational HCP platforms into a pipeline of valuable scientific content, allowing you to achieve your knowledge sharing goals through increased online engagement. Depending on your specific needs, we can create a brand new platform or transform your existing online presence into a strong educational resource using thoughtful, strategic communications tactics.

Our strategies are based on a rigorous framework of assessing needs before prescribing a solution. To create the most impactful strategies, we must first understand your needs, goals, ideal outcomes and any regulations that may affect your content.

Leverage Your Content and Maximize HCP Engagement

First, we conduct a thorough landscape analysis that includes auditing resources, interviewing stakeholders and mapping out the existing relevant online platforms. Next, we characterize your audience into personas, so your information can be tailored directly to the HCPs you want to reach and their specific content preferences.

From there, we identify clear positioning that sets your platform apart from the existing landscape. We help you develop content around priority topics to serve as the backbone of your omnichannel approach. Then, we drive traffic to your platform using proven tactics tailored to the individual HCP personas. To ensure visibility into performance, we design a framework for measurement that allows your team to capture metrics and validate tactics.

Increase Traction in the Scientific Community

There’s a significant gap in the information and formats HCPs want and what’s available to them. Our holistic communications strategy will make your educational platform a valuable source of digestible, authoritative information for HCPs.

Together, our omnichannel approach and tailored tactics lead to higher engagement, more traction in the scientific community and increased capacity to educate HCPs.

“This is the first time I've had these multiple options presented to me instead of me having to come up with the ideas and see if an agency could do that on their side. It was a good collaborative effort. I was able to clearly convey what we want to get done, but at the same time get some extra input from MedComms Experts, tap into their expertise and see that what has worked before in other therapy areas could also be applied here.”

Senior Manager Scientific Communications, Novo Nordisk

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“The MedComms Experts team understood our vision and executed against it flawlessly. Together, we are creating a community of like-minded experts to share, collaborate and grow the body of knowledge so critical to the field of neurology,” Dr. Nedeltechev said. “Brainwork is a harbinger of social sharing in the medical profession. We want to enable this dialogue among healthcare professionals so that everyone can learn.”

Chairman, Dept. of Neurology & Founder, Brainwork

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Ready to take your medical communications to the next level?


Social sharing in the medical profession

A centralized home base for best practices in neurology, by neurologists, for neurologists — called Brainwork.

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The advisory board radically reinvented

Reassuring, helpful and highly professional. This is how successful advisory boards happen, even as meeting landscapes change.

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A training program to make a difference

Mission: support Smith & Nephew in creating a training program to support HCPs in their daily efforts to improve patient’s lives, exceeding expectations in the area of physician training.

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