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Design a virtual format that yields actionable outcomes.

Biogen needed to hold a business-critical advisory board meeting with key expert healthcare practitioners. However, the COVID-19 pandemic meant that a traditional meeting in a live setting was off the table. A viable virtual alternative was required.

The right partner.

Despite the fact that Biogen was unable to hold their advisory board meeting in a live setting, they wanted a virtual equivalent that would be just as effective. Quite simply, they needed to ensure that it would be engaging enough to encourage active participation and yield actionable outcomes.

As a result, Biogen needed a multidisciplinary medical communications team with specific expertise in a virtual approach that could rise to the challenge. Enter MedComms Experts.

“Initially, we had planned a face-to-face advisory board in Vienna for March. Everything was ready. Then, when COVID-19 hit, we needed to rethink...I needed an agency that could help drive this project in a difficult time. We chose MedComms Experts due to their reputation for high-quality deliverables. They presented a very reassuring plan to deliver the event, with professional advice and clear, reasonable timelines..”

Violeta Pukaite, MD

Director, Medical International Partner Markets, Biogen

Radically rethink. Question tradition.

Prior to the pandemic, MedComms Experts had already deconstructed the concept of the traditional live advisory board meeting, radically redesigning it into an equally engaging virtual format. So, when Biogen needed to put the concept into practice, MedComms Experts was ready to apply their expertise and jump into action.

“We were starting fresh – deciding on the right platform, and preparing the questions, and moderation guide for an effective virtual format. MedComms Experts guided us at every step, solving any technical challenges without precluding the end result. Their calm demeanor has a reassuring effect – you know they are handling it, so you can concentrate on your work.”

Violeta Pukaite, MD

Director, Medical International Partner Markets, Biogen

Focused objectives. On‑target conversation.

MedComms Experts worked with Biogen to distill their objectives. Then they designed a virtual advisory board meeting around these objectives to guarantee the session achieved their goals. The team created a pre-conversation questionnaire, which was sent out to all participants. The input was then analyzed and extracted to guide an engaging session with questions specifically designed to spark the conversation.

Smooth implementation. Seamless process.

Finally, best-in-class project management from MedComms Experts resulted in a project that ran flawlessly. Despite tight timelines, our subject-matter experts established scientific precision and accuracy in every discussion. The technical service safe-guarded a smooth digital experience even for participants in remote locations with connectivity challenges.

“MedComms Experts were fantastic. They were like an extension of my team. Always available, reassuring, helpful and highly professional. I wish I could always have this team for my daily work!”

Violeta Pukaite, MD

Director, Medical International Partner Markets, Biogen

Multidisciplinary expertise. Virtual advisory board for the win.

Biogen achieved a highly productive virtual advisory board meeting, ensuring maximum engagement, focused discussion and active participation. The resulting insights generated the actionable outcomes that Biogen needed. The format showed Biogen to be agile enough to address the technical challenges posed by the pandemic with an innovative solution.

“The event was a success. MedComms Experts is the best vendor I have ever engaged – a team of skillful, highly professional people that make all the difference. For future projects, I’m absolutely reassured that they will deliver.”

Violeta Pukaite, MD

Director, Medical International Partner Markets, Biogen

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