Design an Impactful Satellite Symposium

MedComms Experts designs satellite symposium experiences that drive engagement in your key HCP audiences. You have a short amount of time to make a meaningful impact. With MedComms Experts, you’ll make every minute count.

With clear, concise, interactive content as well as thoughtful pre-symposium strategies, MedComms Experts helps you fill your (virtual or onsite) room to maximum capacity with the right HCP audience. Our post-symposium strategies go beyond the session itself, fostering ongoing engagement that differentiates your organization as a thought leader at medical events within your therapy area, long after the meeting has concluded.

Collaboration That Makes Your Session Stand Out

We work together to ensure your satellite symposium runs smoothly. Not only do we manage the logistics of your event to make it a seamless experience, but we also hold long-standing relationships with KOLs across numerous therapy areas.

We approach satellite symposia with the same proven framework we employ for all communications efforts. We develop content tailored to your specific HCP personas and employ thoughtful communication tactics that maximize the value of your content. In addition, we manage your faculty so their presentations are perfectly facilitated and impactful for your audience.

Drive Maximum Engagement

After one symposium, what’s next? Our holistic approach helps you plan and reach the right audience not only at single events, but also at pivotal moments throughout the year.

When your sessions are not just informational but also engaging and exciting, HCPs walk away with information they didn’t have before, empowering them to consider this in their medical decision making.

Ready to take your medical communications to the next level?