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Novo Nordisk is a leading global healthcare company driving change in diabetes, other serious chronic diseases, and rare diseases. Novo Nordisk needed to share its findings from an ongoing phase 3 clinical study in the rare disease space as a way to increase awareness among healthcare professionals (HCPs) and key opinion leaders (KOLs) and help them understand the long-term effects and potential outcomes.

The Challenge: Making Data Interesting, Engaging and Accessible

Phase 3 data from one of the ongoing Novo Nordisk-sponsored clinical trials was selected as an oral presentation at a premier international congress in 2022. The long-term impact of the event hinged on how well their audience absorbed and understood their key findings.

With the live presentation, there was an opportunity to extend the awareness of their research and trial data and deepen the impact on their HCP audience. They wanted to make the data and findings accessible and clearly communicate the takeaways to build a deep audience understanding of the data.

The Solution: Pair Interactive Publication Extenders with Innovative Communication Strategies

MedComms Experts collaborated with Novo Nordisk to develop a strategy for creating and leveraging publication extenders. Working closely with Aparna’s team, MedComms Experts identified ideal outcomes and recommended a variety of solutions to choose from.

First, MedComms Experts created two different publication extender formats to reach audiences with differing content consumption preferences:

  • An Animated Publication Summary using compelling scientific storytelling techniques and best-in-class visuals, for those who prefer a visual learning experience.
  • An infographic to leverage interactive elements that enhance data visualization, for those who like hands-on experiences.

These publication extenders, hosted on Novo Nordisk’s online Science Hub, were designed to be attention-grabbing with innovative digital graphics.

Second, MedComms Experts developed communication strategies to achieve ideal results and outcomes around audience engagement. During the event, Novo Nordisk used QR codes, social media posts, and physical cards for HCPs and KOLs to visit and explore the Science Hub as a way to maximize audience participation.

“This is the first time I've had these multiple options presented to me instead of me having to come up with the ideas and see if an agency could do that on their side. It was a good collaborative effort. I was able to clearly convey what we want to get done, but at the same time get some extra input from MedComms Experts, tap into their expertise and see that what has worked before in other therapy areas could also be applied here.”

Aparna Raghavan, PhD

Senior Manager Scientific Communications, Novo Nordisk

The Results: 10x Increase in Engagement and a Significant Decrease in Workload

MedComms Experts’ recommendations and expertise helped create awareness and extend the understanding of their clinical data in their key audiences. At the event, HCP engagement was visible and profound: audience members physically got out of their seats to scan the QR code and view the extenders. The Science Hub saw a 10x increase in external visitors in the two weeks following the event, meaning HCPs were continuing to interact with the publication extenders.

This partnership also reduced the client’s workload by keeping processes organized and timely. MedComms Experts’ experience with online educational platforms like the Science Hub made the entire project seamless, and required little effort from Aparna and her team to get tasks done. With the positive internal and external impact from their first-ever publication extenders, the Novo Nordisk team sees the future potential to continue with publication extender strategies that leverage key data and discoverability drivers to make a positive impact on their HCP audience.

“If you want a trusted partner to bring your scientific story to life, go with MedComms Experts.”

Aparna Raghavan, PhD

Senior Manager Scientific Communications, Novo Nordisk

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