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Increase HCP engagement and improve scientific dialogue

In June 2021, a milestone publication on the CARTITUDE-1 study was released. The phase 1b/2 open-label study assessed the safety and clinical activity of cilta-cel, a CAR-T therapy in patients with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma with poor prognosis.

To communicate this groundbreaking publication effectively, Janssen needed an innovative tool to help their Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) increase Healthcare Professional (HCP) engagement. This time, the typical PowerPoint slide deck was not going to cut it…

The right partner

Janssen wanted their MSLs to be armed with CARTITUDE-1 materials that were more dynamic, easy to present and engaging. Their aim was to communicate the complex study design to HCPs in a quick, interactive way.

Janssen needed a multidisciplinary team of medical communications experts that deliver complex publication data with clarity and creativity. That’s why they chose MedComms Experts.

Let’s Talk

“We create a lot of content for our MSL team. However, we wanted to move away from regular PowerPoint slides, using basic text, tables and images. For the CARTITUDE-1 study, we wanted a more interactive content tool with visuals that engages HCPs effectively. With their capabilities, resources, and experience, MedComms Experts delivered just that.”

Rajvir Amin, PharmD, RPh

Associate Director, Medical Information, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Introducing the FaST Deck concept

MedComms Experts suggested their Facilitated Storytelling (FaST) Deck methodology to provide an interactive presentation of the CARTITUDE-1 study data. The format combines the latest developments in visual design and adult learning principles. It provides the user experience of a modern, intuitive website, enabling users to discover content at their own pace and focus on relevant information.

“I loved their FaST Deck concept – it really caught my attention and was exactly what we needed to convert our CARTITUDE-1 slide deck into an engaging interactive presentation.”

Rajvir Amin, PharmD, RPh

Associate Director, Medical Information, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Science and creativity

MedComms Experts got to work. They took the complex study design and translated it into easy-to-understand, practical insights, designed to help MSLs have engaging scientific dialogues with HCPs.

In collaboration, the creative team then worked on organizing the information into engaging interactions, captivating storytelling and an immersive learning experience for the target audience. Data visualization and functional design features were developed to prolong attention span and knowledge retention.

"MedComms Experts is great team of individuals working together. They are detail-oriented, asking us questions about the data and our objectives for the deck. They have the creative and scientific expertise – along with a deep understanding of what HCPs want to see. As a result, they were able to create a great approach for our FaST Deck. They knew what the data meant, and how to present it effectively in a slide deck that would appeal to HCPs.”

Rajvir Amin, PharmD, RPh

Associate Director, Medical Information, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Once the Janssen team were happy with the direction, MedComms Experts set to work on bringing the next-level presentation to life. Their team of scientists streamlined the study data to ensure it was accurate, yet digestible. In parallel, their digital engagement experts, created a captivating scientific storytelling experience, cued to the learning behaviors and preferences of HCPs.

“We were really happy with the first draft – they were able to capture the study design and the efficacy and safety data, and transform it into visuals and interactivity. The FaST Deck is so much more professional and visually engaging than a traditional slide deck…”

Rajvir Amin, PharmD, RPh

Associate Director, Medical Information, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Improved HCP interactions and a new approach to slide decks

Mission accomplished. MedComms Experts created an innovative FaST Deck to communicate the CARTITUDE-1 study design data. It combines a scientifically accurate, yet crystal-clear information flow, with stunning visuals and interactivity – enabling ease of use for the MSLs and quick understanding for HCPs.

“The work they delivered was outstanding. After they had been using the FaST Deck for a month, our MSLs reported that this format is very effective in the field. They really like it, finding it to be a more professional content tool – more visually appealing and easy to navigate through while presenting to HCPs. In fact, now they want all presentations to look like the FaST Deck! As a result, we’re adopting the FaST Deck format across the organization. It has really improved our interactions with HCPs.”

Rajvir Amin, PharmD, RPh

Associate Director, Medical Information, Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc.

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