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Updating leading guidelines for treating ITP patients.

In 2010, leading Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) expert Dr. Drew Provan, from Barts and The London School of Medicine, published guidelines for treating ITP patients in a prestigious journal. It shaped the way healthcare professionals treated the disease. Now, it was time to update the guidelines with new scientific data and therapies.

The right partner.

Dr. Provan wanted an agency with specific expertise and knowledge in hematology to help create the updated guidelines. After reviewing proposals from several agencies, he chose MedComms Experts.

“I was impressed with MedComms Experts. Their proposal was incredibly thought-out, they have hands-on experience in hematology and ITP, and they understand the complex process of creating treatment guidelines for publication in a high-impact journal.”

Dr. Drew Provan

Leading ITP expert, Barts & The London School of Medicine

International collaboration.

Updating the publication required extensive collaboration to incorporate the new scientific evidence. Dr. Provan gathered 22 international medical experts from across the world – including the US., UK, Hong Kong, Spain, Norway, China, Japan and more.

To kick-off, MedComms Experts organized a meeting at an international hematology conference, bringing together the new manuscript authors. Together, they analyzed the original guidelines and identified the required updates. MedComms Experts then created a working document for the expert authors to refine.

Science and creativity.

Throughout the process, focused on producing guidelines that HCPs would find convenient and genuinely valuable. As a result, their expertise in hematology helped authors reframe the guidelines to engage the audience more effectively.
The creative approach placed recommendations in highlighted boxes, enabling busy HCPs to find information easily while treating patients. The paper also links to dozens of charts and tables not in the original document, enabling HCPs to delve deeper into the subject.

“I think the ambitiousness of this project is unlike any other guidelines out there for ITP, MedComms Experts were invested in this project and raised questions, which we might not have thought of. They brought a fresh face to the data that was critical and helpful.”

Dr. David Kuter

Director of Clinical Hematology at Massachusetts General Hospital & Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School

Refining the final draft.

MedComms Experts collected and incorporated input from all 22 authors. The team then worked closely with Dr. Provan and Dr. Kuter to refine the final 17,000-word document for submission to the targeted journal, Blood Advances.

“MedComms Experts did a great job of keeping the 22 different authors organized. This is not like a normal journal manuscript. Guidelines are incredibly difficult to write. It’s a distillation of all of the medical data into something that’s practical and readable.”

Dr. Drew Provan

Leading ITP expert, Barts & The London School of Medicine

Publication accepted. No comments.

Blood Advances accepted the paper for publication quickly – without comments during the peer-feedback process.

“It’s impressive to go from start to finish in 12 months on a project that was multinational and multilingual. MedComms Experts coordinated everything and kept it moving.

They laid it out in a way that was proper for a journal submission. They knew how to write it, the structure and the verbiage to use. All crystallized into one final strong document that was quickly accepted into the journal. Since publication, I have heard nothing but positive comments – doctors say the information is incredibly helpful.

If someone needs a manuscript that is well written, brisk and highly professional, then it’s MedComms Experts you need.”

Dr. Drew Provan

Leading ITP expert, Barts & The London School of Medicine

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