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Cross-functional education tool for the launch of a pioneering new SMA drug.

With the upcoming release of the label for a major new gene therapy, Novartis needed to get their teams up to speed. They required a cross-functional education tool capable of engaging and appealing to the different knowledge requirements of their teams.

The right partner.

Novartis wanted to distil the complex drug label into a format that would enable their Commercial, Market Access and Medical Affairs teams to get the information they needed. However, different teams need different levels of detail. Which is why Novartis sought an innovative solution. And a multidisciplinary medical communications team with the scientific expertise and creative excellence needed to execute it. They set the challenge to their trusted drug launch partner, MedComms Experts.

"MedComms Experts is an extension of our team. Their combination of knowledge, technical skill and insight into how to make content engaging is the ideal combination. It takes all the work out of our hands. We don’t need to spend too much time explaining what we need or what we want."

“The objective here was to have a multi-faceted approach to a rather complicated topic. Labels can be quite dry without providing additional context. They don’t explain terminology or the clinical trials that formed the basis for the label. We asked MedComms Experts to make it digestible, but at the same time provide different levels of information to cross-functional teams..."

Martijn Moransard, PhD

Director, Medical Affairs, Medical Content and Training, Novartis Gene Therapies

An innovative solution

With their in-house subject matter expertise in gene therapies, MedComms Experts already knew the content of the drug label inside and out. As a result, they were able to hit the ground running.

Considering a creative delivery concept, MedComms Experts suggested a Scrollable – a highly interactive tool that presents complex science in a digestible and visually appealing way, while allowing a deep dive for those that need it.

"We wanted a dynamic, visually appealing, easy-to-use, solution. MedComms Experts quickly suggested a Scrollable, showing us what they look like and what they could do. I’m open to new ideas, especially when they break the mold a little bit. Something that will get people’s attention. Because, in the end, that’s what this is all about, right?"

Martijn Moransard, PhD

Director, Medical Affairs, Medical Content and Training, Novartis Gene Therapies

Combining science and creativity.

MedComms Experts got to work. Their medical communications experts took the 40-page, information-intensive document and transformed it into digestible chapters for ease of learning. In collaboration, the medical illustration team worked on presenting the information in an engaging, interactive, multi-levelled visual narrative.

"Most agencies depend on us for the knowledge. They may be able to build something like a Scrollable, but at every step of the way, we would need to check the content. The know-how from MedComms Experts is at such a level that we do not have to do too much hands-on work. They are proactive, providing the concept, content and design, which makes it so much easier.”

Martijn Moransard, PhD

Director, Medical Affairs, Medical Content and Training, Novartis Gene Therapies

A successful Scrollable – interactive, easy to use and scientifically accurate.

MedComms Experts delivered a scientifically accurate, innovative Scrollable focused on the newly approved drug. Novartis teams were able to get up to speed – whether they needed a high-level overview or a deep-dive exploration – all through a single, easy-to-use online learning tool.

"We’ve never had anything like that before. The response has been very positive. The Scrollable is easier to pick up and digest. It is a better training experience. As a first introduction to the label, it’s much easier to get into than reading the SmPC or a slide deck, as it appeals to the explorative nature of people."

Martijn Moransard, PhD

Director, Medical Affairs, Medical Content and Training, Novartis Gene Therapies

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