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MAPS Webinar – Beyond Journals: Leveraging the Power of Publication Extenders for Medical Communications

Information overload is a well-known issue for your HCP audience. It’s nearly impossible for physicians to stay on top of all the scientific data and educational content they need to do their jobs.

When there’s already so much information out there, how do you ensure your publications are at the forefront of the scientific informational exchange for the HCPs you need to reach?

With publication extenders. However, it’s not enough to create one-off, ad-hoc extenders on an as-needed basis. Doing so won’t amplify your most important information, or make it easy to find.

Leveraging an omnichannel publication extender strategy ensures you are the destination for HCPs when they need quick hits of valuable, easy-to-understand data.

View our on-demand MAPS webinar to learn more about a holistic approach to your publication extender strategy.

You’ll hear from respected faculty and Medical Communications leaders, Wesley Portegies (CEO and Founder, MedComms Experts), Louise Ostergaard (Global Publications Director, Novo Nordisk), and Avishek Pal (Global Medical Director, Cell & Gene Therapy, Novartis), on the principles of an effective communication strategy, including:

  • How to define clear audience segments
  • Where to find your target HCP audience across multiple channels
  • Which formats to leverage for maximum impact
  • Why a personalized approach is necessary to reach and engage your HCP audience

To expand the impact of your publications through a holistic publication extender strategy, register for a free MAPs subscription, and view the on- demand webinar here.

Watch Beyond Journals: Leveraging the Power of Publication Extenders for Medical Communications

Get expert guidance on leveraging an omnichannel strategy to drive maximum impact for your HCP audience.

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