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In preparation for first-line treatment approval of amivantamab, Johnson & Johnson’s Oncology Training team needed new and improved training content to ensure MSLs understood the drug’s complex Mechanism of Action.


The Challenge: Arm MSLs with the Knowledge Needed to Effectively Educate HCPs 

With the launch of a new indication for amivantamab on the horizon, Johnson & Johnson’s Oncology Training team knew they needed to expand — and upgrade — their internal training materials. 

Specifically, they needed to craft engaging, scientifically rigorous training materials that: 

  • Accurately conveyed amivantamab’s three-prong mechanism of action in a way that promoted MSL learning and knowledge retention 
  • Captured MSLs’ attention and supported multiple learning styles with a visually driven, immersive format
  • Reflected the reality of what HCPs face in practice (and supported MSLs in speaking to those realities)

The Solution: An Innovative Scrollable That Takes MSLs on a Memorable, Self-Guided Learning Experience

Johnson & Johnson partnered with MedComms Experts to develop the strategic training materials they needed in advance of the launch. 

The Oncology Training team knew they wanted an innovative format. However, rather than starting with a prescribed deliverable in mind, MedComms Experts took a consultative, strategy-first approach. 

We started by getting curious about Johnson & Johnson’s underlying learning objectives — as well as the people who would actually be using the training materials. With those deeper motivations and end-users in mind, we recommended a number of formats that could be used to achieve their goals. 

“MedComms Experts did a thorough assessment not only of my team but also of the learners. They offered solutions outside of just what I was asking for. That was a great partnering point.”

Mary Kate Weber

Associate Director, Oncology Training, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine

When Johnson & Johnson finally settled on a Scrollable, they did so with full confidence that it was the right choice given their strategic goals. As soon as a decision was made, MedComms Experts set to work crafting the content, designing the animations, and building the interactive experience — all while balancing scientific objectives and key learning principles. 

The Result: A Popular and Effective Internal Training Tool — With the Potential to be Leveraged as a Field-Based Asset

With a beautifully animated Scrollable in hand, the Oncology Training team conducted their first training supported by the new asset. The interactive, self-paced experience was unlike any other training they’ve conducted to date, and feedback has been positive (“it’s cool!” is a common refrain). 

“The Scrollable is a very unique way to actively demonstrate exactly how the drug acts on a tumor cell,” Associate Director Mary Kate Weber reflected. “It breaks down the three-prong mechanism and simplifies it in a way that helps pull the concepts together more quickly for people. It’s visually stunning, but it’s also at the right level in terms of the science. You don’t always get that with scientific training materials.” 

The potential value of the project doesn’t end there. During the development process, the Medical Information team expressed an interest in using the Scrollable for external communications with HCPs, too. 

Through this engagement, Johnson & Johnson gained an innovate, scientifically rigorous training asset that helped them achieve their internal training goals — and with the larger potential to be leveraged across multiple functions. 

“With past Medical Communications partners, we’ve had to go through the scientific content with a fine-tooth comb because either the comprehension or the baseline knowledge wasn’t as sharp as what we needed. With MedComms Experts, it was totally different. They have the right level of expertise. They know how to create a great learning asset — but they also know their stuff in terms of the science.”

Mary Kate Weber

Associate Director, Oncology Training, Johnson & Johnson Innovative Medicine

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