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With a new drug launch on the horizon, PTC Therapeutics’s Medical Affairs team needed to ensure they were prepared to confidently talk about the new therapy with HCPs.


The Challenge: Level Up PTC’s Robust Medical Affairs Training Program in Time for a New Therapy Launch

PTC Therapeutics’ Medical Affairs team prides itself on its robust library of training materials. But with a new therapy in development, the team needed help identifying gaps and redundancies in their program — as well as a clear roadmap for the new materials and training activities needed to support the pending launch.

Specifically, PTC Therapeutics needed clarity on exactly how to: 

  • Ensure role-competence alignment among the Medical Affairs team 
  • Fill gaps in the existing Medical Affairs training program
  • Leverage new and existing training materials to support key business priorities, including the launch of a new therapy
  • Develop a training program that meets the needs of employees spread across 9 time zones
  • Define and implement learning-related performance metrics for MSLs



The Solution: Audit and Rationalize PTC’s Training Content and Design a Launch-Ready Training Program 

MedComms Experts collaborated with PTC Therapeutics to complete a thorough Internal Medical Affairs Training Program Assessment with the pending launch in mind. 

Working closely with PTC’s Medical Affairs team, they: 

  • Conducted a Training Needs Analysis, including a team-wide survey and in-depth interviews with Medical Affairs leaders and contributors
  • Analyzed data to outline key themes related to content, skills, and performance outcomes 
  • Audited PTC’s existing training programs and resources
  • Identified content gaps and opportunities specific to the new therapy 
  • Identified additional gaps and opportunities related to: 
    • Onboarding and new hire training
    • Continuing education 
    • Training evaluations
    • Employee outcomes and performance
  • Prepared a recommendation report and presented findings to the leadership team 

Finally, with our Assessment complete, we developed a detailed roadmap for a next-generation training program. 

This comprehensive program addresses key organizational focus areas, incorporates innovative HCP engagement skills training, increases interactivity and engagement, and involves employee assessments as well as a pre-launch certification experience.

“We wanted a partner who already understood our world and knew our struggles. MedComms Experts fit the bill perfectly. They understand Medical Affairs and what’s really needed for MSLs to do their job well. They knew what questions to ask and how to collaborate with our team to get the information they needed. Everything was incredibly effective.”

Sharon Davis

Director of Global Medical Training at PTC Therapeutics, Inc.

The Results: A Clear Pathway To a Next-Generation Medical Affairs Training Program and Confident, Knowledgeable MSLs

MedComms Experts’ recommendations and expertise provided PTC’s team with the clarity they needed to build a next-generation Medical Affairs training program. With our assessment and roadmap in hand, PTC’s Medical Affairs leaders are now equipped with a roadmap to: 

  • More effectively map their training activities to organizational objectives  
  • Level up new employee training and continuing education programs for Field Medical staff 
  • Prepare the Medical Affairs team to effectively educate HCPs about PTC’s new therapy area in advance of the launch
  • Measure learner engagement and knowledge retention against internal learning objectives 

“MedComms Experts’ in-depth diagnostic, supported by a strong, well-organized project plan, validated the problems we were experiencing with our existing training program and gave us a clear path forward. From the leaders to the people in the field, everyone thought the experience was fabulous.”

Sharon Davis

Director of Global Medical Training at PTC Therapeutics, Inc.

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