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Successful Pre-Launch for New Acne Therapy

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Cassiopea’s new topical clascoterone cream features the first novel mechanism of action for acne treatment in nearly 40 years. With an upcoming FDA application for approval, Cassiopea needed to get the word out on how the cream targets acne without the side effects of existing acne therapies.

The right partner.

Cassiopea required a multipronged pre-launch. This included a phase 3 manuscript for a top-tier journal, an educational animation, a roundtable discussion panel with leading medical experts and an opinion paper on pediatric acne.
To achieve maximum impact, Cassiopea needed a multidisciplinary team of medical communications experts that could communicate complex science with clarity and creativity, while managing the project seamlessly. That’s why they chose MedComms Experts.

“We needed a manuscript for the New England Journal of Medicine –following the appropriate compliance procedures and regulations – as well as an animation and various other projects. Very few agencies are skilled at doing all those things and, in my opinion, don’t focus enough on providing quality medical communications. MedComms Experts were nimble and have experts that are very knowledgeable in communicating complex science.”

Martina Cartwright, MD

Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Cassiopea

Compliant Phase 3 manuscript.

MedComms Experts collaborated with experts from Cassiopea, and a group of external manuscript authors on the phase 3 manuscript. Ensuring compliance with New England Journal of Medicine requirements, drafted the paper according to GPP3 publishing guidelines, while liaising directly with the authors.

“It was really amazing. They write extremely well and know how to follow the rules for medical publication submissions. That’s been a big challenge for us in the past when working with other medical communications agencies.”

Martina Cartwright, MD

Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Cassiopea

Stunning step‑by‑step animation.

Next up: educating medical professionals on clascoterone’s mechanism of action. MedComms Experts scientists and creatives collaborated to create a scientifically rigorous, visually stunning animation to provide busy doctors with a crystal‑clear, step-by-step insight into how the drug works.

Organizing and managing an expert panel.

Finally, MedComms Experts organized and managed an expert panel on pediatric acne, resulting in the expert opinion publication.

MedComms Experts ensured all pre-launch activities were in line with Cassiopea Medical Affairs and compliance regulations, so all deliverables were fair and balanced.

“MedComms Experts recognizes the difference between the Medical Affairs and commercial sides. They truly understand the delineation of roles within a pharmaceutical company.”

Martina Cartwright, MD

Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Cassiopea

Pre-launch success.

The hard work paid off. The activities leading up to the launch helped to educate, engage and inspire physicians across the country with clear, impactful content, demonstrating how clascoterone targets acne. As a result, Cassiopea announced FDA acceptance for review of its new drug application (NDA) for clascoterone in November 2019.

“MedComms Experts is great at tailoring their approach. They are not a one-size-fits-all operation.”

Martina Cartwright, MD

Senior Director of Medical Affairs at Cassiopea

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