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Cross-Functional Collaboration in Medical Affairs with Caroline Ojaimi

Episode Summary

Welcome to the Transforming Medical Communications podcast brought to you by MedComms Experts. I am your host, Wesley Portegies. This podcast explores the dynamic landscape of Medical Communication strategies, innovations, and challenges. We aim to facilitate insightful conversations that contribute to advancing effective Medical Communications practices.

Our special guest today is Caroline Ojaimi, Head of Global Scientific Communications at Takeda Oncology. Join us as we dive into how Caroline is working towards creating a more cross-functional collaboration in different Medical Affairs functions and how Scientific Data Communications can be better streamlined.

Guest at a Glance

Caroline Ojaimi, Head of Global Scientific Communications, Congresses and External Engagement at Takeda, brings a wealth of experience and expertise in Medical Communications and leadership. With a robust background in managing global teams and developing strategic communication initiatives, Caroline has played a pivotal role in our industry. Her commitment to excellence and innovation in the field is evident through her contributions to enhancing the impact and reach of scientific information. Join us as we delve into her insights and experiences in this enlightening podcast episode.

Host at a Glance

Wesley Portegies is the CEO and Founder of MedComms Experts, an agency specializing in effective Medical Communication strategies for pharmaceutical companies. Wesley, an experienced entrepreneur, started his first company at 19 and has built multiple successful companies. With over 20 years in the Medical Industry, both on the agency and industry side, he is driven by a passion for Medical Communications. 

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Topics we Discuss:

  • How Caroline enhanced cross-collaboration and efficiency at Takeda
  • How to create a more cross-functional collaboration in different Medical Affairs functions
  • How Scientific Data Communications can be better streamlined
  • Why trust is the cornerstone for cross-functional success

Hot Takes and Key Highlights

  • 02:40 – Transforming Cross-Collaboration

When Caroline began at Takeda, one of the first things she worked on was aligning the company’s teams to enhance cross-collaboration and efficiency. As a result, the publications and Medical Communications functions have merged into a single Scientific Communications team, helping Takeda align with industry trends and streamline its strategies and deliverables. Additionally, Caroline has integrated Medical Information and Internal Training into the new function to ensure cohesive and effective data dissemination.

“I think it’s all about that cross-functional connection. It’s all about how we streamline and how we work efficiently to deliver on our strategy.”

  • 11:35 – Trust as the Cornerstone for Cross-Functional Success

The key to successfully transitioning your organization to a more evolved model lies in building trust with cross-functional teams and setting clear expectations for the deliverables right from the beginning. To do this, engage openly with your team to define what’s in range and what isn’t, streamlining processes to adapt to new structures while continuing to drive the business forward.

“It takes time to change that mindset of a new structure of how things are done before. But just because they were done that way before, it doesn’t mean they are the right way now in this current and new environment and the changing Fields of Medical Communications or Scientific Communications.”

  • 24:00 – Speed, Innovation, and Compliance

Keeping up with the fast-paced world of data dissemination requires you to adopt an integrated approach that boosts speed and momentum. Changing the mindset of your team is essential before implementing new innovations or strategies. Educate your team on the benefits and impacts, and ensure they understand the importance of this shift. Effective communication training, especially for Medical Affairs, can make a great difference.

“If you’re going to bring in new innovations, new ways of doing things or disseminating data, you don’t need to have that conversation first and change the mindset of your internal team before you move forward. And sometimes, that’s the hardest thing.”

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