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How to Drive HCP Engagement Using the Art of Scientific Storytelling

Your Field Medical team works hard to develop and nurture a robust network of healthcare professionals, disseminate the latest scientific data and position your organization as a valued and trusted educational resource. 

Yet something is amiss. Even with all their scientific expertise and professional connections, MSLs are consistently ranked among the least preferred sources of information for healthcare professionals. 

The reason? Most MSL presentations are all science and no story. And without a compelling narrative to support it, even the most cutting-edge science falls flat. 

Scientific storytelling is the crucial missing link between your MSLs’ expertise and real HCP engagement. 

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • What’s standing between MSLs and deeper HCP engagement 
  • Why storytelling is key to the future success of your Field Medical program 
  • How to equip your team with the tools and skills they need to tell compelling, relevant scientific stories 
  • A change management roadmap to grease the wheels of MSL adoption and ensure Field Medical excellence